Cremation Basics

Today, more and more people are choosing cremation. The primary reasons are that it is dignified, simple, and economical. At Mount Calvary Cemetery Group, memorialization for those who wish to be cremated is just as important as for those choosing in-ground burial or a mausoleum.

Cremation can take place either before or after a funeral or a memorial service, but generally within a few days after the death. A cremation that takes place immediately after a death as soon as legal authorization has been obtained is called a Direct Cremation. Some people prefer to have a traditional funeral service with a casket prior to the cremation taking place. This is perfectly acceptable. The choice is yours.



About The Cremation Process

New York State law requires that transportation of a body to a cremation facility must be through a licensed funeral director. The funeral director of your choice will then prepare your love one for viewing or direct cremation.

It is the goal and mission of the Mount Calvary Cemetery Group to provide proper and accurate information so today's consumer can make an educated decision. Our Onsite Crematory page outlines the exact process that takes place when cremation at Mount Calvary's Crematory is selected.

Please check our Events Page for the date of our next cremation seminar. This free educational seminar will answer all of your cremation questions, and will also allow to tour our state-of-the-art cremation facility. If you are unable to attend, please call our office and one of our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions.



What's Next

Have you decided what will happen to his cremains when you pass? Have you made your own prearrangements or told a family member what your final placement option will be? Have you included what you would like to do with your husbands cremains?

These are just some of the comments people mention when talking about what happens to them after they are cremated. Do these options work? No. All are temporary placement ideas, not permanent memorialization thoughts.

A cemetery provides permanent placement for you and your loved ones. You will be recorded in registers and burial information cards so that when future generations are looking for their aunt, uncle or grandparent, you will be found. You will have made a permanent mark for generations to come to find and learn about.

"Once I'm cremated I don't care what happens to me." Everyone deserves to "leave their mark" in the world. By being placed in a cemetery, you are memorialized for your family, friends, and anyone that may pass by to know that you were here, that you meant something.

"My cremains aren't going to be buried, my daughter is going to keep them." This may be comforting to your daughter at first, but as time goes by, what will happen to your cremains? What happens when your daughter passes, do your cremains move to her children?

"I am keeping my husbands urn next to his favorite chair." Once again, a temporary placement option.

Leave your mark!



Columbarium Memorialization

Columbariums, inside the chapels of Mount Calvary, provide peaceful resting places for the inurnment of cremated loved ones. Columbariums also provide visitors refuge from inclement weather when visiting. Mount Calvary Cemetery Group has three main columbariums:

Mount Calvary Chapel and Columbarium
Ridge Lawn Chapel and Columbarium
Pine Lawn Chapel and Columbarium

Price Ranges:

Single Niche $800-$2,000
Double Companion Niche $1,800-$4,000



Cremation Memorialization

A special cremation section has been developed for the interment of cremated remains within the Mount Calvary Cemetery. This section of the cemetery offers the peacefulness of a serene park like setting where family and friends can come to visit and pay their respects.

This unique cremoral area is a combination of cremation graves and full burial graves. Your loved ones can be properly memorialized with the placement of one flat granite marker carrying the names of both individuals.

Cremoral graves within this section accommodate the placement of two sets of cremated remains whose lives are commemorated with an 18X10 black granite flat marker. Cost is $600.

Full burial graves with the right of one set of cremated remains to be buried as well costs $995 (black 18 x 10 flat marker included).

A permanent resting place for a loved one provides family and friends a place to visit that will always be maintained and preserved.

Call today for a tour of this unique cremoral area. 716-892-6600



Remembrance Options

The Mount Calvary Cemetery Group offers several options to honor the memory of a loved one. To see all available property options, please see our Property Choices page.

Feature Memorial Sites

Mount Calvary Cemetery Group has a variety of outdoor memorial sites for interment. Niches are created in special walls, statue monuments, garden sections, and veterans' areas. Most of the niche fronts are bronze and granite. Special areas are adorned with flowers from spring to fall, creating an inviting and comforting environment for visitors.
Cremation Memorialization Products beginning at $800

Memorial Gardens

Garden niches are relatively new for Mount Calvary. In 1998, the Garden of Our Savior was designed specifically for cremated remains. Distinctive Williamsburg bronze niche units accent this garden. Niches are constructed within the Garden of Our Savior sidewalks and free standing walls

Prices range from $900-$7,500





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