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Can My Pet Be Buried With Me?




Mount Calvary Cemetery Inc., has chosen to allow the interment of the lot owner(s) domestic pet in their grave, crypt or niche. This option is made possible due to the law signed by Governor Cuomo on September 26, 2016. This law permits not-for-profit cemeteries in New York State to place cremated remains of domestic pets’ with their owners.

Rules and Regulations are in place to govern such interments in any of our five properties.

The following guide will help you understand the process and how to proceed.




Lot owner(s): original purchaser(s) of record. Name(s) recorded on original cemetery deed.

Domestic pet: an animal that has been adapted or tamed to live in intimate association with people.




Current and future lot owners (original purchaser) within Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc. can have their domestic pet cremated remains placed with them.




Only domestic pet cremated remains can be placed within the lot owner’s grave, mausoleum crypt or cremation niche.

  • The owner does not have to be cremated. Human and pet cremated remains cannot be co-mingled.
  • The owner must acknowledge the request to place with an authorization form provided by Mount Calvary either at the time of purchase or later.
  • Two domestic pets per grave space, or mausoleum space, and one domestic pet per cremation niche (if allowable space permits).




  • Within the five (5) cemeteries that comprise Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc.
  • Within the lot owners grave, mausoleum crypt or niche space.
  • Within any section, within any grave, mausoleum crypt or niche.

Only exception:

Domestic pet cremains will not be placed within an infant/child grave, mausoleum crypt or cremation niche.




The human and/or the domestic pet cremated remains interment can be scheduled Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and Saturday between 9:00 a.m. and noon*.

  • A fifteen minute graveside or chapel service is permissible.
  • Cemetery needs 48 hour advance notice of placement.
  • Human remains do not have to be present for the domestic pet’s cremated remains to be placed.



Ready to proceed?

Preplanning the interment of your beloved pet is simple. Contact our office and complete a “Right To Inter Domestic Pet Cremains” form and provide us with a copy of your pets license or other form of id showing you are the pets owner (i.e. paperwork from veterinarian). These items will be kept on file for the time of need.



Associated costs:

To place one (1) domestic cremated pet within a lot owner’s grave, mausoleum crypt or niche space is $225.

If a domestic pet’s cremated remains were to be disinterred for any reason the cost is $300 and the disinterment will be handled under Article 15,1510 (e) Removal: of the NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation Law.




Available for purchase only through Mount Calvary Cemetery.

  • One (1) memorial medallion per monument, marker, monolith, and crypt or niche front.
  • No outside medallions accepted and/or placed.
  • Non-conforming medallions will be removed.
  • Permanent inscription on monument, marker, monolith, and crypt or niche front is not allowed.

*Overtime charges apply
*NOTE: All prices subject to change with-out notice.

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