Labor Law Posting

This page was designed for Employees of Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc.  It will provide quick access to information on the currently posted Labor Law posters that are located in various buildings.  Copies of individual documents are also kept at the Administrative Building at Mount Calvary Cemetery.


To access information, simply choose an item from the below list.  Double click the item name and it will open up detailed information on that subject.  Please note that these documents will also provide phone numbers, website information and in some instance qr codes that will allow further information.


If you have any questions or are having problems accessing documents, please contact Human Resources, Karen Heidenburg (kheidenburg@mountcalvarycemetery.com) or President, Douglas Wasiura (doug@mountcalvarycemetery.com) at 716-892-6600.  


 Document Title                                                                                   Reference Number
You Have A Right To Know 2706
Records of Employers LS 661
Guidelines for Employers (Time off & Work Hours) LS 606 
Equal Pay Provision of the New York State Labor Law LS 603
Public Employees Job Safety & Health Protection P 208
Tip Appropriation LS 204
Notice of Employee Rights, Protections and Obligations LS 740
Deductions from Wages LS 605
Notice of Compliance – Workers Comp & Disability Benefit Laws and Paid Family Leave  
Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act & Paid Family Leave Act WH1062
Employee Blood Donation Leave   
Employee Rights – Polygraph Protection Act & Electronic Monitoring Law  
New York Correction Law Article 23-1
NY State Human Rights Law Article 15
Miscellaneous Industry Employees Wage LS 207
EEOC - Workplace Discrimination is Illegal – Pt 1  
Right of Nursing Mother’s to Express Breast Milk P 708
Time Allowed for Voting; Fringe Benefits and Hours; Notice to Employees  
Wage Theft Prevention Act P 715BUS
Unemployment Insurance (Regulations of the Industrial Commissioner) 472.2
Restrictions on Consecutive Hours of Work for Nurses CR 177 
Veteran Benefits and Services P 37 
Summary of NY State Child Labor Law LS 171
Construction Industry Fair Play Act IA 999
Public Work Project PW 101
Notice and record-keeping requirements  195
Occupational Safety and Health Act  9 CFR 1903
Your Rights Under USERRA  
No Smoking  

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